Bones In The Waters


"Bones in the waters of rivers make no sound.
Yet I have learned to listen.
- Whose boat is this?
Forever stuck between two shores:
Life, Death.
Zero, One.
Light, Dark.
- Whose dream is this?
That I keep returning to.
Might this be…
The Üser-base marshes,
so long overcome
by the speeding light of Electronika.
You and I share a condition
always transient — always becoming.
We must travel before as bodies.
Vessels we are:
carrying spirits.
Rowing towards
the opposite shore.
- Whose boat is this?
Both eyes covered
by Crypto Currency
will uncover your consciousness.
On the other bank of this river,
geometries of nature
worship the machine.
Underworld, Otherworld.
No extreme can exist without the other
while both merge in the horizon.
You and I become nothing.
Our binary poles erased,
buzzing like particles in a Supernova.
Remember you may always come see Kharon.
For a passage between worlds.
No sound
yet I have learned to listen."

Directed by Hector Prats
Poetry by Luca Dobry

‘Bones in the waters’ is a short film by Hector Prats inspired by the story of the boatman who guides the souls of the dead to cross the river to the beyond. Channeled by Wesphere’s music, the subtitles written by Luca Dobry generate a monologue about the transit; join the line that unites - as well as separates - the opposites. Life and death, good and evil, binary genres, night and day, knowledge and ignorance, beauty and ugliness, light and darkness... Neither alive nor dead, Kharon - interpreted by Chen Min Kao— is trapped on this axis.

The three musical fragments (from the songs Sol, Connection and Swimming Deeply) that accompany the piece are part of the upcoming LP by the band from Barcelona. ‘no brainer 0202’ is out the 11th of july the first release from the newly established record label of El Pumarejo de l’Hospitalet, Amēn Discos.